3 Easy Things To Do, To Get The Wedding Planning Started

wedding plans

Source: Stocksnap

Planning a wedding can feel like an emotional roller coaster. You might start off excited but most couples agree, things can feel overwhelming quite quickly. Whether it’s family members with their unwanted opinions, or businesses suddenly bombarding you with offers you are not sure if you should spend your hard earned cash on. Once you start looking at prices, you might be wondering how you’re going to pay for everything? So we came up with 3 ideas to get the wedding planning started while keeping your heart at ease.

1. Make friends with Pinterest.


I’ve always found this app to be a one stop shop for ideas, DYI projects and helpful budget saving article ideas. Sometimes just getting the ideas flowing can help you start to shape your wedding plans. A quick search of any terms that appeal to you and you’ve got stunning photos to pin for your dream wedding. A clean app that stores your ideas under your various creative boards for reference whenever you please, at ease. This will help you visualize your dream day.

Visit DJ Kenny Beats’s profile on Pinterest.

2. Take control.

Winnipeg wedding dj

Photo by: Charmaine Mallari

This is your day, your wedding. If the two of you want to elope that is your choice. If you don’t want to invite the crazy auntie that drinks too much or that mean guy from work, you don’t have to. Many couples feel pressure from family and friends during a time which is really for the couple. It’s their day. What better way to strengthen that relationship as a team than by saying, “We’ve got this.”

3. Give yourself options.


So you’ve got your pinned board ideas, you’ve taken control of the situation and now you can start playing with your options. Maybe it’s a small rustic wedding. Or you want to have a destination. Giving yourself options and being able to weigh out the pros and cons of each situation will help you choose the best wedding for you. Once you pick your ideal wedding, you can go in that direction with confidence knowing you’ve made a decision on your own terms, together.

The work may not be done yet, but you now have a goal in mind, which will help the rest of the planning process come together.

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