4  Necessities You MUST Budget For on Your Wedding Day 

You’ve decided you’ll save money by making 3 pans of scallop potatoes and while those cook, you work on the salad for your BBQ reception. 45 minutes later you realize that you’ve got to start getting ready but the oven is not capable of cooking that much food and you don’t have time to start over. You try to stay positive and put some make-up. It’s your Wedding Day,  you’re gonna make it happen. As you jump in the car to your budget wedding with your carefully prepared music on CD you find out there is no sound guy and no one knows how to get the music going. Seems everything is running through you mind now on how you’d do it different second time around.

This was my wedding in a nutshell. After being a part of many other important days like this, I can say without a doubt these are the 4 necessities you really must budget for.


Source – freefoodphotos.com

No one wants the nightmares of food poisoning to all of their guests. And surely the couple has enough things to worry about, so finding a catering company with great reviews can really put your heart at ease during this crazy time. It’s one less thing to worry about.


how to keep your wedding under $5000

Photo by: Charmaine Mallari

Could you imagine hiring a photographer that didn’t understand what camera settings to use in various lights? I’m forever grateful for the kindness and help that was offered at my wedding. Looking back, I would have hired a professional photographer, who would of course be there BEFORE the Bride arrives.

DJ / Entertainment

Source: Refe

Source: Refe

The DJ ensures the flow through out the evening. Cutting corners and getting a DJ for $400 might mean you may miss out on the essentials. From introductions to interactive games with the crowd. Nothing is worse than sudden silence and people think it’s time to go home. You want someone that fully understands your needs, while being able to read a crowd. And guess which person the guests are going to go to if anything goes wrong?

Hair & Make-up

Photo By: Aaron Kostiuk Make- up Article Jill Stubert of Perceptions Hair Salon

Photo By: Aaron Kostiuk: Make- up Artist Jill Stubert of Perceptions Hair Salon

Professional make-up artists understand how to do make-up for special occasions . It is not your regular everyday make-up and for good reason too. When you’re already paying the money for the photos, this added bit helps enhance the look you are going for. A hair professional will be able to set your hair for the evening so that it does not fall completely flat before the ceremony is done. It’s just a different experience when the professionals are in control.

The Wedding industry is not a cheap one, and the professionals KNOW that means going above and beyond to make that special day really sparkle. Where you might be able to cut corners like my Daughter did, these are the people she spent the big bucks on.

More helpful tips for couple planning their special day.

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