4 Things Your Wedding DJ SHOULD Be Doing

4 Things Your Wedding DJ SHOULD Be Doing

Pushing play should not be the only things a DJ does throughout the evening. Unfortunately some may just do the minimal requirements, which is why many of the greats are given a bad name. You’ve heard of them, the “iPod djs.” They throw on a playlist and spend the remainder of the night looking uninterested and rarely engaging with their crowd. It’s why many may choose to go cheap or not even book a DJ at all. So I came up with a list of things your DJ should offer and why you really do get what you pay for.


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1. They schedule sit down meetings

Whether it’s a wedding event or corporate, your MC for the night will want to know what your ideal format is, to properly prepare. Maybe it’s a hand out of awards through out the event, with various music requirements at specific moments. Or it’s a run down of what music for which dances, recession or even dinner music for a wedding. If your DJ has not made an attempt or does not offer this service, this could be a red flag for what is to come.


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2. They require a deposit and contract

Contracts may seem daunting but they should be made to protect both parties. The deposit is to confirm any dates so your DJ isn’t booked for another event. Business professionals including catering, photography and video NOT doing this, may not be properly licensed nor experienced. Watch out for a businesses that do not require a deposit before important bookings such as a wedding.

How to keep your wedding under $5000

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3. They make your event easier to plan

Often, DJs have a better understanding of your event than you do. Weddings especially! Most of the time when I sit down with couples getting married, we come across things they hadn’t thought of. Games with the guests, special dances and even music options when they felt lost in choosing the right songs. Someone that has a good understanding of your needs, (even when you didn’t know you needed them) can make your planning process feel more complete.


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4. They can offer outside resources

Someone in the party industry should have a fair set of contacts and if are unable to connect you directly know someone that can. Many wonderful DJs are great in offering information on different vendors and their options. While it’s definitely not a requirement for a DJ to help you find those resources, it’s a good sign that they understand the industry they are a part of.

Why cheap djs aren’t good and good djs aren’t cheap

DJs serious about their craft go above and beyond the call of duty. They are professionals that are consistently learning new ways to be better DJs. They take courses on how to MC an event, understand sound and set up and take the proper steps to become licensed and insured.   Anyone can become a DJ, but the greats invest just as much in you as you do in them.

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Having a wedding for under $5000

How My Daughter Kept Her Manitoba Wedding Under $5000

Having a wedding for under $5000

Imagine my surprise when my Daughter told me they had completely paid off the wedding just days before the ceremony.  I knew she was resourceful but a wedding under $5000 seemed crazy to even me. The wedding included a reception dinner, dancing and an open bar! Some sacrifices surely made in order to keep the budget low, but well worth walking into their new marriage debt free. She shared her insider secrets that kept her wedding both affordable and fun.

Entered WEDDING contests

suits by eph apparel

Well worth the $40 tickets, the couple had checked out the Wonderful Wedding Show where they entered for just about every contest they came across. Within the month they had won 5 FREE custom suits from EPH Apparel while participating in their Instagram contest. These high quality tailored suits can easily run up to $500 each.

Went with a DESSERT TABLe instead of Cake

How i kept my wedding under $5000

It was literally the hottest day of the summer and had there been a cake, I imagine a pile of mush. Instead her sister made mini carrot cake with cream cheese icing and chocolate cupcakes. There was a sign with “Pimp Your Cupcake” including various selections of candies and treats to decorate. They saved money by shopping at bulk barn. And to beat the weather, prior to the event the cupcakes had been stored in a fridge over night. They made for easy transport and refills throughout the evening.


Her Husband’s Aunt and Uncle own a beautiful property just outside St.Claude Manitoba. The spot was perfect for photos and they just happened to have a beautiful trellis for use. They graciously opened up their home and property for the wedding ceremony.

Having a wedding under $5000

In the near by town they rented a pole shed ($100) and a fridge truck ($50) available with camping for $10 around reception area. The fun part getting creative with their decor and set-up.


how to keep your wedding under $5000

My Daughter is a sale shopper and it runs in the family. She found a beautiful Maggie Sottero Dress on sale for $300 off the rack at 7th Avenue Fashions. After $270 of alterations she was good to go. She then changed into a beautiful white lace dress from HUSH for $96 to saving the Designer dress from any stains or rips. This also saved her, from the heat. She  decided to sell the dress only worn once for a few hours during ceremony and photos.


how to keep your wedding under $5000

Photo by: Charmaine Mallari

Le Chateau Warehouse is an amazing spot for sales and as I said earlier my daughter goes straight for those racks first. After some digging they found 2 beautiful teal dresses for $60 each with a couple of cute $12 sale shoes. The Brides maids were happy and could wear the dress again for other occasions with ease.


how to keep your wedding under $5000

The Wedding social was for the friends, showcasing music their crowd wanted to hear while the wedding was for close family members. Many people feel obligated to invite all family members but it’s important to share your special day with those you feel add to your life. At least that’s how this Bride and Groom chose their list. They had just under 60 people attending their wedding.


the line up Winnipeg restaurant

One of their favorite spots to eat was “The Line Up” in Winnipeg square. A business only open Monday-Friday. They saw an opportunity to help a local business make some extra cash without breaking the bank. They sat down with business owner Cary Davis and chatted about a simple menu that would be fairly easy to prepare but tasty as hell. They chose 2 salads, one quinoa and one oriental. The protein was BBQ saffron buttered pork, chicken and beef skewers with vegetable options. People went back for seconds and even thirds. With the left over at the end of the night, they were able to donate a healthy amount to Siloam Mission the very next day. (We highly recommend doing this.)

They did the work!

Wedding for under $5000 2015-08-15_Darlene&Sean_Reception010

With the help of family, friends and of course their awesome wedding party, they set up the lights, put together the tables and the bride even made all of the decorations. It’s not for everyone and some couples want to simply out source that work, we hear ya! However this couple knew that for every hour they paid someone else to do it, they would have to work at their regular jobs that much hard to pay it off. So they made sacrifices and worked hard. In the end they had a lovely wedding packed full of amazing memories, laughs and tears of joy.

Something to Keep in mindWedding for under $5000

They gave themselves just over a year to plan, save and pay off the wedding. Presentation obviously helps with the costs but so does our Manitoba fundraising option of throwing a Wedding Social. And an additional way they saved on costs was registering for wedding shower gifts that would be used at the wedding, such as the Glass Lemonade containers and delegating enough tasks to family and friends so that they would not have to hire people outside for necessary tasks. The majority of their budget went into food, sound and photos while much of their energy went towards planning, details and presentation.

Check out more photos from the wedding HERE!

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